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The Old Silk Road – the confluence of the world’s great religions

This is a collective term for several networks of interconnecting land routes between the European west and the Asia East. At its center are the Central Asian states called the Five Stans. I shall make my first visit to these former Soviet republics in a couple of weeks. My goal is to trace the evolution […]

The Evolution of Religious Thought along the Old Silk Road

The Old Silk Road: The Old Silk Road (s) form a network of trade routes between Europe and Asia that date back to Roman times. The 13th century journeys of Venetian/Croatian Marco Polo took 24 years and those of the 14th century Moroccan pilgrim/explorer Ibn Battuta lasted 29 years (75,000 miles). A third explorer was the 15th […]

3 Investigations in Interdisciplinary Theology.

When Christianity emerged from Palestinian Judaism in the second century, most of the urgent questions  were political and economic. In the 8th century BC, the Messiah (Christ) was the promised political leader who was supposed to lead the Jewish people to their past glory – to advance the promises of God to Moses,  David and Solomon. […]

Consciousness – The Final Frontier of the Self

Last year, the 10th NYU Conference on Issues in Modern Philosophy featured Consciousness. Since a part of my doctoral dissertation reflected on the problem of consciousness and volition for theological reflections on culpability, I looked forward to it. I was not disappointed and learned a great deal about the latest empirical findings, if such a thing is possible in the elusive study of consciousness.

A life worth living …

In the past 20 years, I have been  thinking about a life worth living. I began on a journey to respectfully understand the voices of men and women of faith from other religious traditions who seek God. As one who appreciates the gift of science, the marvels of technology and the benefits of medicine, I am […]

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